Payments For Services

Payments for Services

With over 5 years’ experience and 200+ tests completed, IPS Ireland is one of Europe’s most experienced Polygraph Services. Calling on this experience, IPS Ireland offer an individually personalised service, ensuring customers’ needs are met.

Resulting in this individual service, it is impossible to arrange a generic pricing structure, as cases vary from project to project and we aim to ensure all services provided are Individually catered for our clients’ needs . An example of individual influences on projects are:

  • Duration
  • Number of examinations
  • Depth of review
  • Method of review
  • Location
  • Travel/frequency of travel

With a view of providing the best service for you or your company we feel it is best to contact us for a free consultation and explain both your wants and needs from IPS Ireland. Once we have a full comprehension of your exact needs we can draft up a full method to solve your issues.

Accompanied with this method is a fully transparent pricing list in which every cost is broken down and understandable for you for your approval. Once approval is met, and you are 100% satisfied we ask you to pay a €200 non-refundable deposit to secure our services.  For your security, deposits are paid via PayPal – but please do not pay this until we have OK’d it.

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Before you pay your deposit, please use the tick box below to confirm you have contacted IPS Ireland and discussed your needs, received full permission to pay deposit and agree to the all terms and conditions.

Once you agree, you will gain access to the PayPal feature

Please review all T&C’s before making any payment

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