In law enforcement scenarios, the interviewer is often faced with a situation where a suspect keeps changing his account and leading the interviewer up the garden path. The polygraph is the most effective tool against such an interviewee. Investigative resources can then be focussed on gathering evidence on the culprit.  Many a times, this leads to the guilty confessing his crime through a combination of skilful interviewing and polygraph testing.

On the other hand, the polygraph test can also be used for less complex cases like determining the credibility of the statement of a witness, informer,suspect or an accused person in any investigation, or just an individual involved in any dispute, including marital or fidelity issues. Polygraph Services has successfully helped clients to solve cases involving employee theft, commercial fraud, corruption, violent crimes, drug offences, industrial espionage, and threats to corporate security.

One of the most difficult type of cases to solve is the “inside job” e.g. espionage, collusion between employees and outside criminal syndicates, between employees in different internal departments and between senior and junior staff, terrorist acts committed with insider help etc.