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Many individuals find themselves in a position where they need to prove their honesty, determine whether another person is being truthful or resolve some domestic dispute.

The Polygraph is used for a large number of cases but here is a list of the most common private tests;

Infidelity/Integrity Screening

These tests are for those who want to determine whether their significant other has cheated or to prove that they have not. Many couples require a pre marital integrity screening to determine whether they have been truthful about their past.

Sexual Abuse/ Domestic Abuse

These tests are usually used to help determine whether there are truth to the allegations and to gather further evidence related to the case in aid of future actions. In other cases people accused of sexual abuse or domestic abuse would take the test in an attempt to prove their innocence.


Many private individuals do not want to involve the Garda when a member of the family is suspected, in these cases they might turn to private investigators which could end up being very costly and take a long time. The Polygraph can help eliminate suspects and determine if the accused is guilty or has any knowlege.

Once guilt or guilty knowlege has been determined further tests can be conducted to locate evidence or goods.

The situation can be worse when there is no easy way to prove the accusation is false. With the lack of any physical evidence, it can boil down to your word against another’s; it can be very difficult to clear your name.

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